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Friday, December 18, 2009

Cast your vote at the Copenhagen Climate Talks

How can it be possible that Canada should drag her heels to the table at Copenhagen? As custodians of so much of the planet’s natural wealth, we ought to be the first ones there. We privileged members of the global village should lead by example, by choosing a balanced way of life. It would be easy to sit back and shake our heads at Stephen Harper and his government, but we elected him again; we gave him the mandate to go to Copenhagen armed with his embarrassing set of propositions.
We vote everyday with our wallets, and we vote with our actions. Our economy is nothing more, and nothing less, than the sum total of the decisions we all make every day.
Do you know that it really isn’t complicated to feed the grid? Wind and solar energy on small scales are viable alternatives which can make a significant difference to our petrochemical consumption right now. Clean energy will only replace petrochemical fuels, and their carbon emissions, when we decide individually and collectively that it is time to make it so. Then we set about doing it one step at a time. Turn off a light. Ride a bike. Buy local. Do it.

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