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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrating Callum

Let me tell you a story about an exceptional young boy who is one of my PURE Inspirations. I met Callum when he was ten years old. He had just spent ten months undergoing radiation treatment when he came into my life. During his treatment, he created hundreds and hundreds of pieces of art as an outlet for his self expression. His family took twelve of their favourites, turned them into a calendar, and they used it to raise $60,000 for children with leukemia.

When I met him, he had just finished his radiation therapy, and was sharing a room with his two year old brother, so we decided to take an unfinished room in the basement of the house and turn it into a celebration of who he is. We made an unfinished closet into an ensuite bathroom, and the room itself became his personal sanctuary and art studio. I took several of his favourite pieces of art, photocopied them, and traced them onto fabric, cut them out, and took them to an embroiderer to embroider the pieces onto his bedding. He now has permanent keepsakes of his work framed on his wall, embroidered on his duvet cover, as well as on several of the throw pillows on the sofa.

He is alive and well and creating his art in Vancouver today, bless him.

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